cannabis oil

Support & FAQs

Do you ship products?
Currently Sweet CO2 products are only available through licensed recreational marijuana dispensaries in the state of Colorado. Locate a retailer.
Do you use cutting agents?
We only provide pure CO2 oil with no additives including added terpenes. With our extraction method we preserve all-natural occurring terpenes and do not need to re-introduce any flavors. Additionally, we do not enrich flavors with botanicals or fruit terpenes, but only pure, single strain-specific cannabis terpenes, captured and preserved with each batch.
Do you sell wholesale?
We sell wholesale retail products and bulk oil for manufacturing. Contact us for wholesale options.
How do I recycle Sweet CO2 packaging?
We are proud to have our flagship products in recyclable packaging. Simply make sure all hardware and packaging is free from stickers and clean of residual product to avoid contamination of the recycling batch, and recycle according to your local regulations. Click here to learn more.
How to use EZ Use Pens?
  • 1. Take 3-5 quick puffs from the mouthpiece to prime the pen
  • 2. Once the EZ Use Pen has been primed you can begin taking slow puff from the pen
We pride ourselves on providing the most reliable hardware on the market. If you are experiencing issues, please bring your receipt to the dispensary and exchange for a new one.
How do I attach cartridge to the battery?
  • 1. Remove silicone base from cartridge
  • 2. Screw the cartridge to the battery
  • 3. Make sure the cartridge is secured on the battery but avoid over tightening
Our cartridges work best with our battery.
How do I use the syringe?
  • 1. Unscrew grey plastic cap from base. Remove clear base OR screw applicator into the base. Use plunger to dispense oil
  • 2. Since we use PURE oil, you may need to warm the oil first
*The intended use for this product is to be smoked/vaporized. Can be used to dab, apply onto joints or a bowl of flower.
Pro-tip for dabs: Apply a desired amount onto parchment paper or silicone dab mat. Freeze for 30mins. Remove oil & enjoy!
How do I use the salve?
Direct to apply to the affected area multiple times daily for maximum relief and healing.
Cartridges & EZ Use Pens - One of the main materials used in our cartridges is glass. The cartridges are durable however they may break if they are misused. It is important to treat this item like any other high-quality glass item you have. To store this cartridge, keep upright in a cool dry location where it is safe from breaking when not in use.
We stand behind our products and our vendors. While we are not legally permitted to directly refund you, we work closely with our dispensaries to do right by our consumers. If you have any issues with our products, please bring the item back to the dispensary immediately with proof of purchase.
We operate with compliance under all Colorado State Regulations. Please do not bring products across Colorado state lines. We cannot be held responsible for any issues with our products once it has left Colorado. If you do have an issue with one of our products, please remedy it as soon as possible with the dispensary you purchased from.