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Our mission at Sweet CO2 Oil:
To provide pure concentrates to the cannabis community.

Our goal is to offer CO2 oil products with strain specific profiles and exceptional quality without any harmful additives.

Red Rocks

Sweet CO2 is a Colorado based company with no outside interests.

We strive to be a clean, conscious cannabis company. Our facility is solar powered, and our flagship products are packaged in 2nd use cardboard with soy-based inks.

Our packaging is recyclable & compostable (boxes & capsule bags). Simply remove all stickers & hanging tabs!

Solar Powered Production
Recycled (and Recyclable) Packaging
No Additives

The cannabis used to create our products meets our rigorous standards and is sourced from local growers.

By working in conjunction with established, consistent growers, we ensure our oil is of the highest quality.

Each extraction is run in small batches.

We use cutting edge technology to provide you with a pure, full spectrum cannabis concentrate. During our extraction, we focus on all desired cannabinoids while preserving the naturally occurring terpenes.

Our products embody the holistic properties of cannabis.

Our concentrates are extracted with care to retain the cherished qualities of the plant you know & love.

We work closely with like minded companies.

You can find our cannabis products infused into Teajuana Teas.

“Our process combines the benefits of drinking tea and coffee with the healing characteristics of THC.

We use only the finest organic ingredients paired with the purest Sweet CO2 oil to create the best product for you.

By cutting out the preservatives and artificial flavors and retaining the full spectrum of desired cannabinoids you are left with a wholesome and delicious “drinkable” with reliable affects.”

Earl Grey

Pomegranate Green Tea

Hot Apple Cider



Hibiscus Rooibos

Hot Chocolate

We use certified Aurum Labs for all our testing.