Pure CO2 Oil – no additives including added terpenes. With our extraction method we preserve all-natural occurring terpenes and do not need to re-introduce any flavors.

Glass syringe with luer lock & 16 gauge applicator

Easy application- Unscrew grey plastic cap from base. Remove clear base OR screw applicator into the base. Use plunger to dispense oil.

Since we use PURE oil, you may need to warm the oil first. To do this you can either place syringe in about an inch of warm water and let it sit for about 5-10 mins before using or warm the oil with a torch or lighter for about 2 mins.

The intended use for this product is to be smoked/vaporized. Can be used to dab, apply onto joints or a bowl of flower.

Pro-tip for dabs: Apply a desired amount onto parchment paper or silicone dab mat. Freeze for 30mins. Remove oil & enjoy!

Available in 1/2 Gram & 1 Gram sizes