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My disposable pen gets hot and/or the cartridges do not produce as well after the first hit. What can I do?

Pause 45 - 60 seconds between hits/draws. This is recommended for all cartridges.

What can I do with leaky cartridges and how can I avoid this?

Some people experience leaky cartridges and sometimes it is a defective cartridge, however we want people to know how to handle our product. It is important to keep the SAP and Vape Cartridges upright and out of the sun or extreme heat. Also, separating the cartridge from the battery when storing is recommended. If the cartridge is still defective please return it to a SWEET retailer.

What are other recommendations for best results?

• Use a quality battery that burns at least 3.2 volts or more.
Cartridges are fragile. Do not use it for a drumstick, hammer, pry bar, or tooth pick. Don't throw it across the room to your pal. Don't sit on the cartridge.
• Keep it out of the sun, i.e. off the dashboard.

What is the difference between CO2 extraction and BHO extraction?

BHO retains traces of heavy metals from its mining process. CO2 is the cleanest, purest way to extract the cannabinoids from the cannabis plant while maintaining all the terpenes (flavor), as well as high THC content/potency.

How many puffs does a disposable cartridge allow?

The disposable cartridges allow for 80-100 puffs. With consistent and high usage they last for about 3-4 days and with medium/low usage the cartridges will last for approximately one week.

How can I achieve the best result for the Dab bottle?

Place the Dab bottle in a cup or bowl of warm water (70-100° F). This will allow for the oil to slowly drip out of the Dab bottle. Enjoy!

What is your Return Policy?

Return any defective cartridge or Dab bottle to the same retailer you purchased from within 48 hours, along with your receipt, for a refund.

Have a sweet day!